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Repair Policies


For all electronics repairs the issue will be assessed and the customer will be notified of cost for repair, at which time the diagnosis charge of $99.00 will apply. Units with liquid damage repairs will not be performed, unless it is a simple repair and/or the customer assumes all liability. Electronics repairs come with up to a 30 day warranty, however Liquid Damaged units come with NO WARRANTY, written or implied. Client accounts must be in good standing in order for gear to be released to customer. All Account invoices must be paid up too date in order to pick up repairs.


Electronics repaired at Dj Backline LLC and not picked up for 30 days are subject to a $10 a monthly storage fee. Dj Backline LLC is not responsible for goods not picked up after 60 days of check in. Goods may be sold or discarded after 60 days


At this time partial payments, payment plans, or extensions are not permissible. All invoices are due immediately after received.


Customers may call or email Dj Backline LLC with any questions about the Warranty & Return Policy.Contact

* Once repairs are completed, the customer will be notified. If repair equipment is picked up thirty (30) or more days after the day of notification, the thirty (30) day warranty will be considered expired and additional storage fee(s) may apply.