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Rental Policies

1.The individual signing the rental agreement must be 18 years or older to rent equipment.

2.Deposit is required for rentals, payable upon rental agreement approval.

3.If any individual or business entity does not have a current account with us, In order to rent equipment you must fill out the Rental Form (no exceptions).

4 The individual or Business entity that signed on rental agreement is responsible and liable for any loss or damage for the duration of the rental, regardless if done by others. Loss and/or damage fees are in addition to rental charges. Damage and Loss charges can far exceed the cost of the rental. Valuation of Damage can take up to (5) business days. Customer agrees to promptly pay
assessed damage and/or loss charges and in the event of non-payment the renter agrees to pay any collection costs incurred to collect the amount due including
reasonable attorney and court fees. 

5.If there are any changes in event location or  event time of rentals as agreed upon by person or company that is signing the rental agreement, You must get prior approval by DJBackline and notify us of any changes.of event location or rental time. (no exceptions).