Rental Agreement

DJ Backline LLC. Rental Agreement
This is a rental agreement only, and not part of any of the equipment or items rented pursuant to this agreement shall be deemed the property of the lessee, nor shall the lessee acquire any proprietary interest in said equipment or items by virtue of any oral representation, nor can any said equipment or items be transferred, sold or assigned pursuant to this agreement.The receipt by the lessee of the rented property described on the attached rental agreement Hereto shall constitute acknowledgement that the said leased property is in good, safe, serviceable condition and fit for use for which it has been rented.

Lessee shall at all times after delivery and acceptance of the rented property maintain said rented property in good condition and will not permit any practice that will injure or damage the rented property in any manner whatsoever.

The rented property shall only be used by the lessee, his employees, independent contractors engaged by lessee, lessee’s clients, employees or independent contractors Engaged by said client, and only on premises to witch the said rented property has been delivered.

The lessee agrees to, and does hereby, indemnify the lessor against any and all loss, damage, expense and penalty arising from any action on account of any injury to person or property of any character whatsoever occasioned by the operation or handling of the rented property during the rental period, and thereafter while the rented property is in the possession or under the custody and/or control of the lessee, his employees, agents, and/or representatives.

In the event of any accident to, or breakage of, any of the rented property, lessee shall Notify lessor promptly and at lessor’s option, either lessee shall have the same repaired or Replaced in the shortest time possible or lessor may have the same repaired or replaced, either event to be at the lessee’s sole expenses.

Lessee hereby indemnifies and holds lessor harmless from any and all causes of action and/or damages which may accrue to lessee or others, with respect to the cost of musicians, vocalist and others, and/or any part or parts thereof during the term of the rental period.

In the event of fire which destroys the rented property, or any part thereof, or the theft of said leased property during the period of the rental agreement, or while the rented property is in the possession or under the custody and/or control of lessee, his employees, Agents and/or representatives, lessee shall be liable to lessor for the full replacement value of the leased property so destroyed or stolen.

Should the rented property not be in the serviceable condition immediately prior to its return to lessor by the lessee, as ascertained by an inspection thereof by lessor, lessee will do all things necessary to place the said rented property in serviceable condition, the rental term to continue for such period during which lessee is placing the said rented property in serviceable condition. In the event lessor is obligated to commence legal proceedings against lessee with respect To this rental agreement, for any reason whatsoever, lessee hereby agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and all court cost in connection therewith.

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